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Welcome to my Blog. I am Robert Earl, The Founder of Earl’s Guide.

In 2022 my wife Stacy & I took the leap, sold our home near the beach in Florida, bought an RV and hit the road full time in an RV. We both still work full time and now travel the country with our 2 pups in a 38 foot diesel pusher Brinkley 3610 Fifth Wheel.

The Story of Earl’s Guide

How earl’s guide was created

Earl’s Guide is the go-to platform for RV park owners and investors seeking comprehensive insights into the RV Park Management and Campground Marketing industry. Tailored specifically for the entrepreneurial spirit, the blog delves deep into the business strategies, investment opportunities, and best practices in the booming RV park sector.

From evaluating potential investment prospects to mastering the nuances of RV park operations, Earl’s Guide covers a wide spectrum of topics that cater to both budding investors and seasoned owners. Whether it’s about maximizing your returns, leveraging marketing techniques, or understanding the changing dynamics of camper preferences, the content is always actionable and on the pulse of industry trends.

The foundation of Earl’s Guide is deeply rooted in the extensive experience of its creator, Robert Earl. A full-time RVer himself, Robert brings firsthand knowledge of the intricacies and joys of the RV lifestyle. But it’s not just the open road that gives him expertise; he also boasts an impressive tenure as an RV Park General Manager. His leadership in this role showcased his adeptness at navigating the operational challenges and opportunities of the industry. Moreover, Robert’s 30 years in the business world, spanning real estate, management, and marketing, have cemented his reputation as a seasoned professional with a holistic view of the RV park and campground sector. With his unique blend of personal experience and business acumen, Earl’s Guide is not just another platform; it’s a testament to Robert Earl’s dedication, expertise, and passion for the RV community and industry.

After building sites that focused on specific topics and niches over the years, I decided to create a blog that shared my experiences with the readers. A guide that showed the true story of traveling while still working. From this desire, Earl’s Guide was born.
Robert Earl
Founder, CEO
Earls Guide - Robert Earl with Friends
My Story

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See what makes Robert Earl tic (& toc).

Welcome to the bio page of Robert Earl, the visionary behind Earl’s Guide – your essential resource for insights into RV park management and campground marketing. With a seasoned background in real estate, management, and marketing, Robert has traveled the United States full-time in his RV. However, it’s not just about the journey; it’s about understanding the business. Drawing from his experiences as an RV Park General Manager and his 30 years in various industries, Robert Earl is dedicated to equipping RV park owners and investors with the strategies they need to thrive in this lucrative sector.

I am passionate about teaching and empowering others to pursue their dreams and create a sustainable income. With 23+ years as a real estate agent and 20+ years working with affiliate marketing and niche blogging, I am uniquely qualified to guide you. I have helped numerous individuals achieve success through his proven strategies and techniques based on his years of experience and knowledge in the online marketing industry.

With a focus on providing practical tips and actionable advice, Robert Earl’s Earl’s Guide is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to start or scale their online business. His dedication to the craft has made him a sought-after speaker, mentor, and coach in the affiliate marketing and niche blogging community.

On this bio page, you will get an inside look at my life and my journey to becoming a successful real estate agent, coach and digital nomad, and my vision for Earl’s Guide. So, join us as we explore the worlds of real estate, affiliate marketing, niche blogging and RV living with the trailblazer himself – Robert Earl.

hitting the road

selling our home & becoming digital nomads

My wife Stacy and I made a bold decision. We sold our beautiful 1,900 square-foot home in Dunedin, Florida, to purchase a modest 38-foot RV to live on the road full-time as digital nomads. Despite this daring move, we are still working full-time jobs from wherever we are. In our spare time, when not touring the local areas, we work to remodel our RV to make it more of a home that reflects our wants and needs.

We have been living on the road since early 2022 and have already visited 20+ states and countless cities. We will be documenting our journey on this blog, which is full of helpful advice for anyone considering taking a similar route. We have no plans to settle down anytime soon; instead, we hope to continue our travels indefinitely, seeing as much of the US as possible and enjoying the freedom that comes with it. 

Although sometimes tiring, Stacy & I believe life on the road has its rewards: a sense of liberation from society’s expectations and pressures and plenty of time to explore new places together. Despite any challenges associated with RV living, the experience has been invaluable, allowing them to build meaningful connections with people worldwide.

We are proof that it’s possible to follow your dreams and live an adventurous life without sacrificing financial stability or professional success. We are building a wonderful lifestyle for ourselves on the road, providing endless opportunities for growth, exploration, and unique experiences. Our story will inspire anyone looking to break out of their routine and pursue something extraordinary.

We encourage visitors to join us on the road should they ever find themselves in the same area. It has already been an incredible adventure, and we can’t wait for you to follow along as we continue our travels around the US and beyond. Who knows what fantastic things await us next? All we know is that it’ll definitely be an unforgettable journey!

By sharing our journey online, we can inspire others to explore new possibilities in life outside of traditional norms; after all, anything is possible if you put your heart into it!
Robert & Stacy Earl - Hitting the Road
a new direction

we are only given so much time

In 2020, my world was forever changed when I experienced what I considered to be severe health issues. Just as the world was starting to close down due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, I experienced a vestibular stroke, which impaired my balance and caused extreme vertigo attacks that made it difficult to stand up. One day I was covering the St. Pete Grand Prix as a member of the media, and two days later I was flat on my back with extreme vertigo.

Because all the hospitals and medical services were so focused on the response to Covid, I couldn’t get in to see any specialist. When I got into a doctor, I underwent several extensive tests. The recovery process took nearly 2 years, with several follow-up appointments, a few surgeries to correct some vision issues, and one procedure involving receiving an artificial disc in my neck. The experience shook me to my core and made me think about my overall mortality.

At this point, I came to a harsh realization: life is finite, and time is precious. My health problems had abruptly taken away my freedom to enjoy the things I loved most – like traveling and exploring new places – and it felt like every day was passing by so quickly without me having the chance to truly live. Despite the fear and doubt that threatened to consume me, I decided that I needed to make the most of this situation and start making changes to make the best of what remained of my life on Earth.

When we discussed our RV road trip adventures, my health experience helped me to realize that life is too short to hope for someday. We originally planned on doing this eventually once we retired. Still, after my health scare, we knew we couldn’t waste any more time waiting for something that may never come – it was time for us to take action now!

The thought of living out of an RV full-time was intimidating initially. Still, over time, we have become comfortable with our nomadic lifestyle. We learned how to budget responsibly while enjoying camping, sightseeing, meeting locals, attending festivals, and visiting national parks – you name it! Every day brings something new and unexpected into our lives; there are endless possibilities every step of the way.

Nowadays, I try not to let anything hold me back from living out my dreams; you can achieve anything if you put your heart into it! No matter where we go, we always appreciate every moment together because life is too short not to share these unique experiences with those you love! Our journey has taught us many lessons along the way; Lessons about life, love, and happiness have allowed us to grow immensely, individually and as a couple.

Everybody’s waitin’, but they’re waiting on what? Better get to livin’, ’cause all we’ve got is Here and now…
kenny chesney
Here & Now Lyrics
robert earl - a new direction
a passion for racing

the indy 500 & 33 Dreams of Indy

When I was in high school, I worked on a crew for a NASCAR race car. We raced all over the Northwest. It taught me about being disciplined and careful. It takes precision to make sure the car is working perfectly.

I have attended 23 consecutive Indianapolis 500s as a fan and over 60 Indy Car races so far. I still remember the thrill of seeing my first Indy 500 race with my brother Matt. He and I attend 10 straight together. That is not bad for someone that has never lived in Indiana.

In 2018, I decided to pursue my passion for racing. I began telling stories of drivers striving to one day participate in the Indy 500 via a podcast and website called 33 Dreams of Indy. It was incredible to give these rising stars some much-deserved attention and recognition. I found joy in watching them grow and develop on their quest toward achieving their dream. This venture allowed me to attend several races, including the 24 Hours of Daytona and other races on the IndyCar and Road to Indy Circuit.

I never imagined that my love for auto racing would lead me down such an incredible journey – filled with so many unique experiences with inspiring people! But just like with any trip, there have been times when things have yet to go as planned. No matter what, I’ve embraced each moment and tried to make the most out of every situation.

“You just don’t know what Indy means.”
al unser, jr
1992 Indy 500 Victory Lane
robert earl - indianapolis motor speedway
The Media Company

Earls Guide

My journey with Earls Guide began after many years of marketing experience in real estate. After encountering the notion that “every business should be a media company” from Gary Vaynerchuk, I decided to take it to heart and start my own venture.

Earls Guide focuses on web ventures, social media, and consulting for entrepreneurs, self-employed, race drivers, and teams.

One of the highlights of the Earls Guide experience has been being able to teach and share my experience, including classes at St. Pete College and online.

In addition to this work, I have applied my skills to affiliate marketing niche blog sites, YouTube channels, and podcasts. It has been an enriching experience so far that continues to bring new challenges daily! This venture is key to allowing me to continue to work while living on the road.

Each project is a learning opportunity that helps me grow as an entrepreneur, allowing me to apply what I have learned to future projects. I take immense pride in the work that I do and love being able to fulfill my passion for creating content.

It’s been an incredible journey so far, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for Earls Guide!


Whether you like it or not, every person is now a media company. The tools are easy, free, and everywhere. More importantly, producing content is now the BASELINE for all brands and companies. It literally doesn’t matter what business you’re in, what industry you operate in, if you’re not producing content, you basically don’t exist. So what’s your excuse?
gary vaynerchuk
robert earl - early media group
niche sites & affiliate marketing

Real Estate sites, Niche Blogs & Affiliate Marketing since 2003

I started my first niche site blog in 2003. I have learned a lot about creating and managing successful niche blog sites over the years. After trial and error, I have developed a system that works for me. My approach includes using keyword research to identify high-potential niches, carefully researching competitors and leveraging their successes, setting up an effective content strategy with quality content creation, optimizing SEO efforts to maximize organic traffic, and regularly monitoring analytics to ensure everything is performing as expected.

My passion lies in helping others launch their own money-making websites by providing them with the guidance I’ve developed from my experience. I do this through coaching programs, workshops, ebooks, and more. Seeing other people succeed is gratifying, thanks to what I’ve taught them. I’m excited to continue helping more entrepreneurs reach their goals.

I have refined my approach to blogging and online business through the years. I understand that a successful online presence requires more than just good content. It also requires effective strategies for marketing, search engine optimization, and monetization. By understanding how all these elements work together, I built a profitable portfolio of niche blogs and websites that generate passive income from multiple sources. My experience in creating and managing many different sites over the years has given me a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful in this field. From optimizing SEO techniques for greater visibility to choosing affiliate programs with high payouts, I am well-versed in the strategies necessary for success. Through continued research and experimentation, I am constantly exploring new opportunities to grow my online presence and monetize it.

I offer consulting services, courses, and free resources on my website so that anyone can learn the tips and tricks that have worked for me over the years. Ultimately, my goal is to share this knowledge with others looking to build their own profitable online businesses. By combining great content with practical strategies, anyone can create a successful online presence and generate passive income from multiple sources. With some know-how, you can be one step closer to living the life you’ve always dreamed of!

I have helped countless people establish their own online businesses. I am passionate about educating others and helping them to find success in the online space. Through my years of experience, I have developed skills that enable me to create successful websites and implement effective SEO, affiliate marketing, and monetization tactics.

My experience is twofold – I understand the technical aspects of web development and programmatic SEO, and I also recognize the importance of creating compelling content that engages readers. My knowledge extends to creating profitable blogs and understanding which monetization methods are most suitable for each website.

I’m always looking for new ways to reach out to more people so they can benefit from my expertise. Whether through webinars and workshops or by teaching people one-on-one, I’m constantly striving to help others reach their goals. With that in mind, I invite you to join me on my journey and learn how I’ve created a successful online business.

“The opportunity to make money with affiliate marketing is limitless – there’s no reason why anyone should miss out on the potential rewards.”
robert earl
robert earl - niche site blog results
My Business Career

Real Estate – Sales, Leadership & Coaching

As a top-producing, millionaire real estate agent, I have sold over 700 homes in Virginia and Florida. I have used my industry knowledge to coach other real estate agents throughout my career. Having worked in the business for many years, I understand how to navigate challenging markets while still finding success. My focus has been helping others reach their personal goals by providing them with meaningful advice and insight into best practices within the industry. I am proud that many coaching clients have become top-producing agents by leveraging my expertise.

As an experienced real estate agent, mentor, and coach with over 20 years of experience in the industry, I have made a point to distinguish myself by utilizing online marketing. During my career, I have employed blogging, social media, online advertising, and video as practical tools for building a strong presence both on and offline.

Having a web presence is necessary for success in the real estate market. It gives prospective clients and colleagues a chance to learn more about me and my work. Through blogging, I have shared valuable information with those interested in learning more about the industry. Additionally, social media has enabled me to stay connected with my followers and stay up to date on industry news.

I have also used online advertising to reach out to potential clients, allowing me to market myself with targeted messages and visuals. Video is another effective tool highlighting my services, expertise, and knowledge in the industry.

Overall, I am always looking for ways to improve my online presence and further engage with potential clients. By utilizing these various online marketing strategies, I have set myself apart from other agents in the real estate business.

My goal has been to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for agents to utilize to reach their fullest potential. By providing support and guidance, I can help these real estate professionals confidently make informed decisions about the best strategies for success. I take great pride in sharing what I have learned through working in the real estate world for so long, and it is essential to give back to those who are just starting out.

Through my work as a real estate agent and coach, I have seen the power of knowledge and guidance in helping others achieve their goals. It is enriching to share all I know with new or struggling agents and watch them flourish within the industry. As long as people seek advice or assistance in real estate, I will strive to be a positive role model and mentor.

I am passionate about empowering others through knowledge, guidance, and support. This has been crucial to my success as an agent and mentor and will continue to be my focus in the years ahead. Ultimately, my goal is to help agents gain the confidence and experience they need to make intelligent decisions that will enable them to have successful careers in real estate.

Whether it’s a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate professional looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition, I’m here to provide support every step of the way. By providing sound advice, a comprehensive system of tools, and valuable insight into best practices, I strive to help agents maximize their potential within the industry. With my extensive background in real estate, I am confident that I can provide the guidance and advice agents need to help them succeed.

As a successful real estate agent and coach, it’s essential to pay it forward. My passion is helping others learn the necessary skills to become top-producing, millionaire real estate agents. It’s a feeling of accomplishment when agents take what I have taught them and use it to build their own success. My goal will always be to help those in the industry reach their highest potential by providing knowledge, support, and guidance throughout their real estate journey.

robert earl - real estate career
Education & Early Business Career

contracting, accounting & internet commerce

After my time in the military, I attended Columbia Union College with a focus on Theology and Business. Throughout my career, I have strived to use what I learned in college to help guide me on my journey. I got a job after college with a minority-owned 8(a) government contractor in Northern Virginia through networking connections.

I worked as an accountant and proposal manager. This experience gave me my first work exposure to technology and computer networking. I had used computer systems in my early racing days, but this further solidified my direction to the foundation of the tools that I continue to use to this day.

In addition to my corporate experience, I have also been involved with a few startups in the Washington, D.C., area. My most notable venture was serving as the founding president of an Internet Service Provider company which quickly became one of the mid-sized ISPs in the region. I helped guide this business from its early stages until it eventually became profitable. During this time, I gained invaluable insight into how businesses are run and what it takes to be successful .

After my time at the ISP, I went to work for another startup in the area, as a Director of Product Development & Professional Services for a software commerce company creating internet commerce websites and platforms for Fortune 500 companies. Overall, my experiences in the years following college gave me a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of business operations and allowed me to pursue a career as a business owner of my own real estate group.

robert earl - early business career
military service

air force presidential honor guard

One of the highlights of my military service was my time as a member of the United States Air Force Presidential Honor Guard. It was an incredible honor to be part of such a historic and prestigious unit, and I am immensely proud of my contributions. As an active duty member, I had many unique opportunities to serve in support of the President, Vice President, and other senior officials. My duties included:

* – Providing ceremonial support at White House events.
* – Participating in military parades.
* – Performing funeral honors ceremonies for fallen Airmen and other Veterans.

During my service, I was also able to travel across the United States to represent our country and Air Force. The experience of serving on the Presidential Honor Guard was an integral part of my service in the USAF, one that has left me with a lasting sense of pride in my accomplishments and in our nation’s history.

I am thankful for having had the opportunity to serve our nation in this capacity and look back fondly on my time with the Presidential Honor Guard. It is with great honor that I can say I served my nation as part of this esteemed organization.

This experience has made me more reflective on the sacrifices our service members make every day to ensure the safety and security of our nation. I am grateful for their courage and bravery, and I will never forget my time in the Presidential Honor Guard. It was a true privilege to be a part of such an outstanding unit.

The mission of the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard is to represent Airmen to the American public and the world. The vision of the USAF Honor Guard is to ensure a legacy of Airmen who: promote the mission; protect the standards; perfect the image; and preserve the heritage.
To Honor With Dignity
Robert Earl - Air Force Honor Guard
The Early Years

born in oregon, raised in washington state

I was born in St Helens, OR, and raised in Seattle. Growing up, I was exposed to various activities and opportunities that shaped my current interests and passions. From hiking in the Cascade Mountains to exploring the Puget Sound on kayaks, there was always something exciting to do. After graduating high school in Yakima, Washington, I joined the Air Force, moved away from home, and pursued my dreams of living an adventurous lifestyle. Since then, I have been able to travel around the U.S. and Canada, exploring new cultures and learning about different ways of life.

Despite all my travels, I always find myself coming back to the Pacific Northwest, as it is where I feel most at home. The beauty and abundance of nature here are unparalleled, inspiring me to make a difference in my community and beyond.

“The Pacific Northwest is a place of beauty and abundance, where adventure awaits around every corner. I was fortunate to be born and raised in this area.”
Robert Earl
a young Robert Earl