Staylist is a comprehensive campground management system designed specifically for RV parks and campgrounds. It aims to simplify the complexities of reservation management, enhance guest satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency. This guide will walk you through the essentials of setting up and navigating Staylist, ensuring you can leverage its full potential from day one.

Introduction to Staylist and Its Core Purpose

Staylist stands out in the market for its intuitive design and robust functionality, created to meet the unique needs of campground and RV park operators. Its primary goal is to streamline the booking process, making it easier for campgrounds to manage reservations, communicate with guests, and analyze operational data for strategic decision-making. Staylist is not just about managing bookings; it’s about elevating the entire guest experience while simplifying backend operations.

Setting Up Your Staylist Account

Step 1: Schedule a consultation with the team at While it’s possible to set up the Staylist system on your own, ensuring that you’re maximizing its full suite of features and tailoring it to your campground’s unique requirements might leave you second-guessing. Scheduling a consultation with is the first step towards peace of mind and optimal utilization of the Staylist platform. The team at consists of seasoned professionals experienced in customizing Staylist to fit the diverse needs of different RV campgrounds. By opting for a consultation, you’ll not only have your implementation managed by experts but also receive guidance on how to leverage Staylist’s capabilities to their fullest, ensuring that the system works effectively for your specific operational needs and enhances your campground’s overall efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Step 2: Sign Up Visit Staylist’s website and sign up for an account. You’ll be asked to provide basic information about your campground, including name, location, and contact details. This step is straightforward and will start you on the track towards digitalizing your campground’s reservation system.

Step 3: Subscription Plan Staylist’s unique approach to subscription costs centers around a guest-paid online booking convenience fee, applied exclusively to online reservations. This model ensures that campgrounds can leverage Staylist’s comprehensive features without incurring fees for walk-ins or bookings made directly by staff. The convenience fee is calculated as a percentage of the total rental amount for each online booking, with a maximum cap applied according to a tiered flat rate system. This structure means that the guests cover the fee as part of their online reservation, allowing campgrounds to enjoy Staylist’s services without directly shouldering additional costs for facilitating online bookings.

Step 4: Customize Your Profile After signing up, customize your profile by adding details about your campground. This includes descriptions of your facilities, amenities, photos, and any unique selling points. A detailed profile helps attract more guests by providing them with all the information they need to make a booking decision.

Step 5: Designing Your RV Campground Layout After setting up the foundational elements of your Staylist system, the next crucial step involves meticulously designing the layout of your RV campground, including the configuration of sites, amenities, and rates.

This step is instrumental in ensuring that the digital representation of your campground accurately reflects its real-world layout, offering potential guests a clear and comprehensive view of what to expect. Utilizing Staylist’s customizable mapping tools, you can plot each site along with detailed descriptions of available amenities and associated rates. This careful planning not only aids in optimizing the use of space and resources but also enhances the guest booking experience by providing them with all the information needed to make an informed decision. Effectively setting up your campground’s layout in Staylist paves the way for a more organized and efficient reservation process, directly contributing to increased guest satisfaction and operational success.

This is precisely where the Earls Guide team excels, as we take a comprehensive look at your current operations and meticulously strategize on how Staylist can replicate and elevate what you’re offering to your guests, ensuring your campground’s unique charm is seamlessly translated into the digital realm.

Step 6: Training and Support Utilize Staylist’s and The Earls Guide training resources to get acquainted with the system. Both platforms offers tutorials, webinars, and customer support to help you and your staff become proficient in using the system. Taking advantage of these resources can significantly ease the transition to Staylist.

Overview of the Staylist Dashboard and Basic Navigation

The Staylist dashboard is the control center for managing your campground’s operations. It’s designed to be intuitive, providing quick access to all the essential features of the reservation system.

Reservation Management

Reservation management stands at the core of running a successful RV park or campground. The capacity to efficiently handle bookings—whether they’re made online by guests, entered by staff following a phone call, or modified in response to changing guest needs—is fundamental to not only maximizing occupancy and revenue but also to ensuring guest satisfaction. The advent of sophisticated reservation management systems like Staylist has revolutionized how campgrounds can navigate the complexities of booking management, providing a comprehensive dashboard for an overview of all current and upcoming reservations.

The Multifaceted Booking Process

Online Reservations by Guests: One of the most significant advancements in reservation management is the ability for guests to book their stays online. Staylist’s user-friendly interface allows potential guests to explore available dates, site types, and specific site locations, offering them the autonomy to choose the perfect spot for their needs. This direct booking method is favored for its convenience, allowing guests to make reservations anytime, anywhere, and receive instant confirmation.

Phone Reservations Entered by Staff: Despite the rise of online bookings, phone reservations remain a crucial component of the reservation process. This method caters to guests who prefer a more personal touch or have specific questions about the campground. Staff can quickly enter reservation details into the Staylist system during the call, ensuring that the information is accurately captured and the booking is immediately reflected in the system’s availability calendar.

Modifications and Cancellations: Circumstances change, and with them, so do reservation details. Staylist’s dashboard enables campground staff to easily modify or cancel bookings as needed. Whether it’s changing the dates, adjusting the number of nights, or canceling a reservation altogether, these adjustments can be made swiftly, ensuring that the system always reflects the most current booking information.

Leveraging the Real-Time Booking Calendar

The real-time booking calendar is a cornerstone feature of Staylist, offering a dynamic view of the campground’s occupancy. This tool is especially useful for spotting gaps in reservations and planning accordingly. It also allows for strategic management of the campground’s occupancy rates, enabling staff to identify opportunities for promoting less busy periods or adjusting pricing to encourage bookings.

Streamlining the Booking Experience with the Availability Bar

The availability bar is a pivotal tool within Staylist, designed to streamline the booking process. By entering key details such as the arrival date, departure date, number of nights, and rig type, the system dynamically displays available sites on a grid. This immediate visual representation of options simplifies the decision-making process for both staff entering reservations and guests booking online, ensuring a match between guest needs and available accommodations.

Enhanced Functionality through Drag-and-Drop

Staylist enhances reservation flexibility with its drag-and-drop functionality. This feature allows staff to easily move existing reservations to different sites within the park, catering to guest requests or optimizing park occupancy. Upon making such adjustments, pricing updates automatically, reflecting any changes in rates based on the new site’s characteristics or added amenities. This level of adaptability is crucial for managing the fluid nature of campground reservations, ensuring guest preferences are accommodated while maintaining operational efficiency.

Online Booking and Added Amenities

Online guests not only appreciate the ability to select specific sites but also the option to customize their stay with add-on amenities. Staylist’s platform accommodates this desire by allowing guests to add items such as firewood, ice, or rental equipment to their reservation. These added items are scheduled for delivery to their site upon arrival, enhancing the guest experience and providing additional revenue streams for the campground.

The evolution of reservation management systems like Staylist has significantly impacted how RV parks and campgrounds operate. By offering a comprehensive, user-friendly platform that accommodates various booking methods, Staylist ensures that campgrounds can manage reservations efficiently, cater to guest preferences, and optimize their operations. Whether it’s an online booking made by a guest, a reservation entered by staff following a phone inquiry, or the seamless modification of existing bookings, Staylist’s dashboard and its suite of tools provide the flexibility and control needed to run a successful campground in today’s competitive market.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing tools are a game-changer in the campground and RV park industry, offering a level of revenue optimization and pricing flexibility that was previously difficult to achieve. Through Staylist’s dashboard, campground owners and managers can access sophisticated dynamic pricing tools that allow for rate adjustments based on a myriad of factors including demand, seasonality, and the usage of certain site types or categories. This functionality not only empowers campgrounds to maximize their revenue potential but also ensures they remain competitive and responsive to market dynamics.

Tailored Dynamic Pricing Strategies

One of the standout features of Staylist’s dynamic pricing tools is the ability to establish distinct pricing rules for different categories of sites within a campground or for the park as a whole. This segmentation ensures that pricing strategies are as nuanced and effective as possible. For instance, cabins can be assigned one set of pricing rules, while pull-through sites, which may have different demand patterns, especially in campgrounds adjacent to freeways, can follow another set. This granularity in pricing strategy allows campground operators to capitalize on the unique appeal of different site types.

Date-Specific Pricing Adjustments

Staylist enables the setting of dynamic pricing rules that are adjustable by date, adding another layer of customization to pricing strategies. Campground operators can plan for peak seasons, special events, or any other date-specific factors that could influence demand. For example, if a local festival is expected to increase demand for campground spaces, prices can be adjusted accordingly for the duration of the event, and then revert to standard rates once it concludes. This flexibility ensures that campgrounds can respond proactively to anticipated fluctuations in demand.

Leveraging Demand for Optimized Revenue

A particularly innovative aspect of Staylist’s dynamic pricing is the ability to automatically adjust rates as occupancy levels change. In scenarios where certain site types, such as pull-through sites next to a freeway, are in higher demand, Staylist can progressively increase prices for the remaining available sites. This demand-based pricing model ensures that campgrounds can maximize revenue from their most sought-after sites. Moreover, as guests check out and demand decreases, the system intelligently returns rates to their normal levels, maintaining price competitiveness and fairness.

The Benefits of Dynamic Pricing

The advantages of implementing dynamic pricing through Staylist are manifold. Firstly, it enhances revenue management by ensuring that campgrounds can adjust their rates in real-time based on actual demand, rather than sticking to a fixed pricing model that may not always reflect market conditions. Secondly, it contributes to improved occupancy rates; by adjusting prices downward during off-peak times, campgrounds can attract more guests, ensuring a steadier stream of revenue throughout the year. Finally, dynamic pricing supports strategic promotional activities, allowing campgrounds to create and manage special offers with ease, thus attracting new segments of guests who might be enticed by lower prices or special deals.

Dynamic pricing tools provided by Staylist represent a significant advancement in how campgrounds and RV parks manage their pricing strategies. By allowing for site-specific, date-specific, and demand-based pricing adjustments, Staylist empowers campground operators to optimize revenue, respond to market changes proactively, and meet their occupancy goals. This level of pricing flexibility and control is indispensable in today’s competitive outdoor hospitality market, ensuring that campgrounds can thrive by maximizing the value of their most popular sites while also attracting a broad range of guests with strategic pricing adjustments.

Communication Tools

Staylist’s integrated communication features provide a direct line to guests, streamlining interactions from the moment a reservation is made until after check-out. Through the platform’s dashboard, campground owners can effortlessly dispatch a variety of communications, ensuring that guests are well-informed and engaged throughout their journey.

Email confirmations serve as the first touchpoint, providing guests with instant acknowledgment of their booking. These emails can be customized to reflect the campground’s brand, adding a personal touch to the guest’s experience. Pre-arrival emails are another critical component, set to automatically reach guests either on the day of their arrival or a predetermined period beforehand. This timely communication can include last-minute details, directions, or special instructions, helping to prepare guests for their stay.

Following a guest’s departure, post-check-out emails offer a chance to express gratitude for their visit, gather feedback, or encourage future bookings. This follow-up is an excellent opportunity to strengthen relationships with guests and promote loyalty.

Staylist also includes text messaging capabilities, allowing for real-time communication with guests currently staying at the park. This feature is invaluable for sending urgent updates, answering guest inquiries, or promoting on-site events and amenities. The immediacy of text messaging enhances the guest experience by providing support right when it’s needed.

Staylist’s communication tools are designed to keep guests informed, engaged, and connected at every stage of their stay, from initial booking to encouraging future visits, thereby enhancing the overall guest experience and fostering a sense of community within the park.

Analytics and Reporting

Staylist’s analytics and reporting feature taps into this principle by offering campground operators a comprehensive overview of their park’s performance through an accessible dashboard. This feature is instrumental in transforming raw data into actionable insights, enabling campground owners to make informed decisions that propel their business forward.

The dashboard delivers a wealth of reports covering various aspects of campground operations. Daily revenue reports are particularly beneficial, offering a snapshot of financial performance and highlighting trends over time. These insights are crucial for understanding peak periods of profitability and identifying potential areas for revenue enhancement.

Occupancy reports go hand in hand with revenue analysis, providing a detailed look at how well sites are being utilized. This data is pivotal for assessing the effectiveness of pricing strategies and promotional efforts, ultimately helping to optimize occupancy rates.

Drilling down further, per site performance reports offer a granular view of how individual sites within the campground are performing. This level of detail is invaluable for understanding guest preferences and adjusting site offerings accordingly.

Additionally, point of sale (POS) reports shed light on ancillary revenue streams, from camp store sales to amenity fees. Understanding these trends can help campground operators capitalize on upselling opportunities and improve the overall guest experience.

Lastly, per user reports offer insights into staff performance and system usage, ensuring that the campground runs smoothly and efficiently. This real-time information is essential for operational excellence, allowing for immediate adjustments and strategic planning.

Altogether, Staylist’s analytics and reporting capabilities provide campground operators with a 360-degree view of their business, facilitating strategic decision-making and operational improvements that drive success.

Interactive Site Maps

Interactive site maps stand as a hallmark feature of Staylist, offering a dynamic and user-friendly interface that significantly enhances the booking process for both guests and staff. Accessible directly from the dashboard, these maps provide a visual representation of the campground, showcasing the layout of sites and amenities in real-time. This innovative tool allows guests to visualize their potential stay, select specific sites based on their preferences, and instantly see the availability for their chosen dates.

For guests, the ability to pick a site adds a personalized touch to their booking experience, allowing them to choose locations near the water, closer to campground facilities, or in quieter areas of the park, depending on their preferences. This level of control not only improves satisfaction but also helps build anticipation for their visit. When configured correctly, a park can also charge an added rate for selection of a specific site.

From the management perspective, interactive site maps are invaluable for efficient site allocation and management. Staff can easily see which sites are booked, which are available, and how the campground’s occupancy is distributed over time. This visibility aids in optimizing site usage and planning for peak periods, ensuring that the campground can accommodate as many guests as possible while maintaining a high level of guest satisfaction.

Moreover, the interactive nature of these maps makes updating site information and availability straightforward. Changes are reflected in real-time, ensuring both staff and potential guests are working with the most current information. This real-time update capability is crucial for managing reservations effectively and avoiding overbooking.

Staylist’s interactive site maps not only enhance the guest booking experience by providing a detailed view of the campground and the freedom to choose preferred sites but also streamline site management for campground staff, making it an indispensable feature for modern campground operations.

How to get the most out of Staylist

Maximizing the benefits of Staylist campground management software, involves more than just initial setup and daily use. To truly harness its full potential, campground owners and managers must adopt a proactive approach, continually exploring new features, engaging with the broader Staylist community, and integrating feedback to refine operations. This multifaceted strategy can significantly streamline operations, boost guest satisfaction, and secure a competitive edge in the bustling outdoor hospitality market.

Embracing Staylist’s Evolving Features

Staylist is continuously evolving, introducing new functionalities and enhancements designed to streamline campground management further and enrich the guest experience. Regularly reviewing and implementing these updates ensures that your campground remains at the forefront of technological advancements. Familiarizing yourself with the latest features not only can improve your operational efficiency but also provide new avenues to delight your guests. This could be anything from new booking features, improved communication tools, or more detailed analytics capabilities.

Engaging with the Staylist Community

One of the most valuable resources available to Staylist users is the community of fellow campground operators. Engaging with this community, such as through forums, social media groups, or Staylist’s own network, offers a wealth of knowledge and insights. Fellow users often share tips, best practices, and innovative uses of the platform that you might not have considered. The Staylist community is a supportive space for troubleshooting, sharing experiences, and discovering new strategies to optimize your use of the software.

Leveraging Guest Feedback

Guest feedback is a goldmine of insights, offering direct input on what’s working and what could be improved in your booking and management processes. Staylist provides tools to collect and analyze this feedback, making it easier to identify trends and areas for enhancement. Regularly reviewing guest comments and suggestions can guide adjustments in your operations, from tweaking your booking process to modifying your site layout or amenities based on guest preferences. Acting on this feedback not only improves the guest experience but also fosters a positive reputation for your campground.

The Earl’s Guide Advantage

For campground operators looking to get the most out of Staylist, partnering with Earl’s Guide offers a significant advantage. The Earl’s Guide Staylist User Network on Facebook is a vibrant community where users can share experiences, ask questions, and receive updates on best practices for utilizing Staylist. Subscribing to the Earl’s Guide YouTube channel provides access to an extensive library of tutorial and educational videos, covering everything from RV campground management and ownership to optimizing reservation systems for maximum efficiency and guest satisfaction.

For those seeking a more personalized approach, contracting with the Earl’s Guide team for implementation or review of your Staylist setup can be transformative. The Earl’s Guide team specializes in customizing Staylist to fit the unique needs of your campground, ensuring you’re not just using the software but maximizing its potential. This can lead to significant improvements in revenue and margins, not to mention elevating the overall guest experience.

Staylist represents more than just a software solution; it’s a pathway to transforming how campgrounds operate, engage with guests, and grow their business. By actively exploring new features, engaging with the Staylist community, incorporating guest feedback, and leveraging the expertise of Earl’s Guide, campground operators can unlock the full potential of Staylist. This proactive approach ensures that campgrounds can streamline their operations, enhance guest satisfaction, and thrive in the competitive landscape of outdoor hospitality. With the right strategies and resources, such as those provided by Earl’s Guide, the journey with Staylist becomes not just about managing a campground but about creating unforgettable experiences for every guest, every time.

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Robert Earl

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