Halloween Activities for Small Campgrounds: Boosting Occupancy and Revenue

Halloween, with its spooky ambiance, festive decorations, and the promise of delightful treats, can be a golden opportunity for RV park owners. Even if your campground is on the smaller side and you don’t have a team of volunteers at your disposal, you can still craft an unforgettable Halloween experience that has the potential to not only delight your current patrons but also attract new visitors, ultimately boosting your occupancy and revenue. Here’s how.

Idea 1: Campsite Decorating Contest

Invite your guests to get creative by hosting a campsite decorating contest. Provide a theme or let their imaginations run wild.

How it Boosts Occupancy and Revenue: Offering a small prize, like a discount on their next stay or a gift card to a local establishment, can encourage participation. Guests may even extend their stay to enjoy the Halloween ambiance longer, and those considering visiting might be drawn by the festive atmosphere.

Idea 2: Outdoor Movie Night

Set up a projector and screen a classic Halloween movie. Think family-friendly options like “Hocus Pocus” or “Casper,” or go with scarier choices for an adult audience.

How it Boosts Occupancy and Revenue: Movie nights offer entertainment value, making your campground more appealing than others that might not have special events. Consider selling snacks or offering a “movie package” deal to guests for an added revenue stream.

Idea 3: Ghost Stories Around the Campfire

Halloween and ghost stories go hand-in-hand. Designate a campfire area for storytelling and invite guests to share their spookiest tales.

How it Boosts Occupancy and Revenue: You could provide a storybook for a small fee, or even invite a local storyteller or historian to share ghostly tales of the region for a ticketed event.

Idea 4: Trick-or-Treat Trail

Set up a designated path for kids to go trick-or-treating. Since manpower is limited, collaborate with camp-goers, asking them if they’d like to participate and hand out candy.

How it Boosts Occupancy and Revenue: Parents will appreciate a safe environment for their kids to enjoy Halloween. You could also sell Halloween treat bags or costumes at the camp store, providing convenience for guests and revenue for you.

Idea 5: Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of Halloween-themed items or clues and have campers search around the campground.

How it Boosts Occupancy and Revenue: A scavenger hunt can be a ticketed event, and you might even offer a prize for the winner, further enticing participation.

Idea 6: Spooky Nature Walk

Leverage the natural environment of your campground. Offer nightly guided “spooky” nature walks where the beauty of the outdoors is combined with eerie Halloween tales.

How it Boosts Occupancy and Revenue: The unique experience can be a selling point for your campground. Consider charging a small fee for the guided walk, with options like hot cocoa or cider at the end for an additional cost.

The Benefits of Hosting Halloween Activities:

  1. Creates a Memorable Experience: By offering something unique, you ensure that guests will remember their stay, making them more likely to return or recommend your campground to friends and family.
  2. Attracts New and Returning Guests: Special events, like Halloween activities, can be a significant draw. Potential guests might choose your campground over another due to the added value of entertainment.
  3. Increases Length of Stay: Visitors might extend their stay to partake in all the activities or simply enjoy the festive atmosphere longer.
  4. Promotes On-site Spending: By offering activities with additional purchases (like snacks, treat bags, or ticketed events), you provide convenience for your guests and encourage them to spend more during their stay.
  5. Fosters Community: Activities where guests interact, such as a campfire ghost story session or decorating contest, foster a sense of community. This camaraderie can enhance guests’ overall experience.


Halloween is a time of excitement, and even with limited resources, small campgrounds can curate a festive experience that delights their patrons. By integrating these activities, not only do you enhance the guest experience, but you also create avenues for increased occupancy and revenue. Itโ€™s a win-win scenario: guests enjoy an unforgettable Halloween, and RV park owners benefit from the business boom. So, deck out your campground in its spooky best and let the Halloween magic unfold!

An idea from my Halloween Bag of Tricks…

Sometimes it’s the simple, clever marketing strategies that leave the most significant impact. A few years ago, in the real estate realm, a unique idea emerged that merged the allure of chocolate with smart promotional tactics. This strategy can be effortlessly adapted to campgrounds, offering both an immediate sweet delight and a long-term incentive for guests.

The Concept:

The idea is simple yet brilliant: Purchase large Hershey bars or, even better, fundraiser candy bars from World’s Finest Chocolate. But instead of giving them away as-is, add a touch of personalization. Create an over-wrapper tailored to your campground, complete with branding, vibrant visuals, and, most importantly, a promo code offering a discount for the next stay. The strategy caters to two primary targets: the children, who will be thrilled with the size of the candy, and the parents, who will be equally excited about a tempting discount.

Why It Works:

  1. Tangible Reminder: Unlike digital ads or emails that can be easily overlooked, a chocolate bar is a physical item that will sit on a table or counter, serving as a consistent reminder of the upcoming discount. Every time someone reaches for a piece, they’re reminded of your campground.
  2. Dual Appeal: By targeting both the children with the chocolate and the parents with the promo, you’re ensuring that the entire family unit is excited about the possibility of returning to your campground.
  3. Urgency: By setting an expiration date (like a booking that needs to be made by the end of the year), you’re creating a sense of urgency, pushing families to act fast and make their booking, thus securing future business.
  4. Word of Mouth: Kids love to talk, and showing off a giant candy bar to friends can serve as an organic promotional tool. Plus, parents discussing deals and savings with friends and family can further amplify the reach of your promo.
  5. Brand Recognition: Personalized over-wrappers ensure that families remember the name of your campground. This consistent branding, combined with a positive experience, can lead to increased loyalty and return visits.

Implementing the Strategy:

  1. Designing the Over-Wrapper: Invest in a visually appealing design that encapsulates the essence of your campground. Be it serene nature, adventurous activities, or family fun, make sure it communicates the experience guests can expect.
  2. Clear Promotion: The promo code and discount should be clearly visible. You want it to catch the eye immediately, emphasizing the value being offered.
  3. Distribution: Consider handing out the chocolate bars during check-in, check-out, or special events held at the campground. Alternatively, they could be part of a welcome or goodbye package.
  4. Track the Success: Use a unique promo code so you can track the number of bookings that result from this initiative. This will provide insight into its effectiveness and ROI.

Incorporating a tactile, delightful marketing strategy, like the chocolate promo, can yield sweet results for campgrounds. By appealing to both the immediate desires and future plans of guests, campgrounds can secure future bookings, increase brand loyalty, and create buzz both in-person and online. After all, who can resist the charm of chocolate and the promise of a memorable future getaway?

Robert Earl

Robert Earl

Robert Earl

Robert has 20+ years of experience as a Real Estate Agent, Coach, Digital Marketer & Author, coupled with a unique expertise in professional RV Park Management. His time as an RV Park Manager has been marked by a strong ability to increase campground occupancy and revenue through strategic management and targeted marketing efforts. His dual career in online marketing and RV Park Management provides a rich perspective on success in diverse fields. Robert Earl is passionate about teaching and empowering others to pursue their dreams and create sustainable income. Whether through a career in real estate, affiliate marketing, niche blogging, or transforming campgrounds into thriving communities, his proven strategies and techniques have helped numerous individuals and businesses succeed. Based on his years of experience and knowledge in the online marketing industry, along with his hands-on management in the RV Park sector, he has crafted a unique and effective approach to personal and professional growth. In addition to his business pursuits, Robert is also a CrossFit Online Level 1 Trainer (CF-OL1) and enjoys fitness activities, including Rucking workouts while traveling the country. His multifaceted career showcases his dedication to growth, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in various domains.

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