An RV Camp Host and a Professional RV Park Manager may both be involved in the operations of an RV park, but their roles and responsibilities differ significantly. Understanding these differences is essential for ensuring efficient and effective park operations.

RV Camp Hosts are often workampers who provide basic hospitality services within the park, usually in exchange for a free camping site, and occasionally some additional compensation. They serve as the “face” of the campground and act as a liaison between the park management and guests. Their duties often include greeting guests, answering questions, explaining rules, and helping with simple maintenance or cleaning tasks.

Professional RV Park Managers, on the other hand, carry a more comprehensive set of responsibilities. They oversee the entire operation of the RV park, which includes not only customer service but also business aspects like budgeting, marketing, staff management, and strategic planning. This role is a professional paid position that requires a high level of commitment and often necessitates a background in business or hospitality management.

While both roles are integral to a well-functioning RV park, they are distinct in their focus and demands. Let’s dive into the specifics of each role.

RV Camp Host An RV Camp Host is primarily concerned with ensuring guests have a positive experience at the park. They are usually the first point of contact for campers, providing a friendly welcome and answering any questions guests may have about the park or local area. They may also assist with tasks such as light maintenance, cleaning, and organizing social activities.

The Camp Host role can be an excellent way for RV enthusiasts to enjoy an extended stay at a park without the expense of campground fees. However, the nature of the role may mean less privacy and downtime, and the necessity of being “on-call” to assist guests.

Professional RV Park Manager In contrast, a Professional RV Park Manager is responsible for the broader operations and success of the RV park. They handle the park’s financial management, including budgeting, revenue tracking, and expense management. They’re also responsible for staff hiring, training, and scheduling.

Furthermore, they manage marketing efforts, attract new guests, and maintain relationships with returning guests. They often liaise with local businesses and tourism boards, and they ensure the park is in compliance with state and local regulations.

This role requires a mix of hospitality, business, and management skills. Professional RV Park Managers are typically salaried employees who have a commitment to the park beyond one season.


Q1: Can a Camp Host become an RV Park Manager? Yes, it’s possible for a Camp Host to become an RV Park Manager. However, the transition would involve taking on additional responsibilities and acquiring new skills, particularly related to business management. The Camp Host would also need to demonstrate a commitment to the park beyond a single season.

Q2: What skills are most important for a Professional RV Park Manager? Professional RV Park Managers need a blend of customer service, business, and management skills. They should be adept at communication, problem-solving, financial management, marketing, and human resources. Knowledge of the RV industry and local regulations is also crucial.

Q3: Do RV Camp Hosts need specific qualifications? Qualifications for RV Camp Hosts can vary by park. However, most parks seek individuals who are friendly, reliable, and customer-service oriented. Some knowledge of RV systems and maintenance can be beneficial. Other useful skills include problem-solving, communication, and a willingness to be on call during their stay.

Many campgrounds employ a camp host, often an enthusiastic individual or couple who love the outdoor lifestyle and are happy to greet guests, perform minimal maintenance, and ensure that the basics of the campground are running smoothly. They act as friendly faces to welcome newcomers, guide them to their sites, and perhaps handle some light cleaning or landscaping. While this hospitality is valuable and creates a warm environment, it might not be enough for a campground aiming for growth and increased professionalism.

What these campgrounds may truly need is a professional camp manager, someone equipped with the skills, experience, and vision to take control of the park and lead it towards growth. Unlike a camp host, a professional manager focuses not just on maintaining the status quo but on developing strategies for enhancement, creating new revenue streams, improving customer satisfaction, and ensuring that the facility meets higher industry standards. They may implement marketing strategies, manage staff, oversee extensive maintenance projects, and actively work towards improving the campground’s reputation and financial health. In essence, a professional manager is an investment in the future of the campground, turning potential into tangible growth and success, beyond the limited scope that a camp host can offer.

In summary, while both RV Camp Hosts and Professional RV Park Managers play crucial roles in the functioning of an RV park, their responsibilities, qualifications, and compensation are distinctly different. Camp Hosts focus on hospitality and guest relations, while Park Managers oversee the broader operations of the park. Understanding these roles helps ensure the smooth running of an RV park and contributes to a positive experience for all guests

Robert Earl

Robert Earl

Robert Earl

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